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Welcome to Alan Baxter Partnership LLP


COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) Statement



In response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), we are implementing additional measures to protect our staff, collaborators and customers, in order to manage the potential impact to them and our business.


We have developed a three-tier strategy; prepare, restrict, and lock-down, with the aim of:

1.    Protecting our staff, collaborators and customers from infection, particularly those who are more vulnerable to serious illness from any infection;

2.    Maintaining continuity of business; and

3.    Help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


We are following government guidance by asking people to not shake hands, employing social distancing, and encouraging frequent hand washing.


We have taken the decision to limit face-to-face attendance at internal and external meetings, where it is possible to do so.


We also kindly ask that if you have any symptoms, please contact us remotely rather than visiting one of our offices.


We have systems in place to allow members of our workforce to work from home as required, and we are increasing out working-from-home capabilities.


As with most businesses, there may be some reductions in efficiency and some limitations to the types or work that we are able to do; for example, connections outside of the office may be slower than those internally. However, we are increasing our capabilities wherever possible and have issued ‘working-from-home’ guidance to all our staff.


We do not anticipate that email access and correspondence will be affected during this period.


We will continue to monitor the situation, taking note of government guidance and implementing any necessary changes in response to the evolving situation.


We wish ‘good health’ to all at this difficult time.






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Covid Testing.jpg

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